Auto Fleet -Inventory Audit

When assets are a primary piece of the collateral pool, an independent inspection and valuation is often a necessary step. If you’re a leasing company, financial institution or asset lender and want to minimize your underwriting risk or are looking to verify general assets and conditions of equipment, Venango Machinery Equipment & Appraisals is qualified to provide regular unbiased and CONFIDENTIAL Inventory Audit/Floor Plan Audit. Conducted by a Certified Senior Appraiser (CSA) with over 25 years experience in industry, our goal is to serve clients fairly, efficiently and with accuracy.

Inventory Auditing/ Floor Planning

Truck Fleet -Inventory Audit

Venango Machinery Equipment & Appraisals can send a Certified Senior Appraiser (CSA) to your location within 24 hours. Inventory audits/floor plan audits can typically completed within 3 to 7 days or sooner, depending on the size and location of the project.

If you are seeking to mitigate your risk, an inventory audit/ floor plan audit is part of your due diligence. We start by verifying the dealer’s inventory and validating the accuracy of the inventory audit results. This provides:

At completion, a written report itemizing and listing details of your inventory will be provided. Photos can also be provided, if requested, at an additional fee.

Inventory Auditing/Floor Planning Fees

Prices are quoted to match the scope of work prior to each Inventory Audit/ Floor Plan Audit. If you would like a cost proposal for an Inventory Audit/Floor Plan Audit—call today! (814) 758-0062 or email

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