1956 Bucyrus Erie 28-L cable tool drilling rig with 60' mast, casing tackle strut, 6-cylinder International industrial engine, good flat drive belt, good jack & counter shafts with high & low speed clutches, good sprocket & chains, good brake lining, equipped with approx. 4,500' of 3/4" drill line, approx. 4,500' of 7/16" sand line, 3/4" casing line set up for 4-part line, McKissich single sheave traveling block with bearing swivel, mounted on a steel oilfield skid. In good condition. There are assorted drilling cable tools & fishing tools available at an additional costs if desired. Located in oil City PA.

Price $28,500                                  



1982 Bessinger & Stein Model A32 (Cooper 32-32) double drum service rig with 1" x 8" x 65' 125,000 lb. capacity hydraulic raised & telescoped double poles, air clutches, 10" double brakes, 2-rear hydraulic outriggers, Detroit 6V71 diesel deck engine, 5-speed transmission, auxiliary hydraulics circuit, 10,000 lb. auxiliary winch, approx. 5,500 ' of 9/16" galvanized sand line, 7/8" tubing line, McKissick 3-sheave 150 ton traveling block, fold-up cat walks, tool boxes, tool rack, mounted on a 1988 Mack R688S tandem axle truck chassis with 300 hp Mack diesel engine, 6-speed transmission, cab protector, oilfield front bumper. It is in good condition.

Available tooling; Eckel power tongs with inserts for 1-1/2" to 4" pipe, air slips, weight indicator, sand pump, swab tools, lubricator, elevators, elevator links & line counter.

Total Package Price $75,000.


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